Corporate Finance and Risk Management



N.M Ihlas Lecturing Experience- Over 5 Years Assistant Accountant - Capital Maharaja B.Sc. (Hons) (USJ), Asso
Senior Lecturer

Course Info

Our SL2 Course Will Include videos, Mock Exams, Paper Discussions & Live Session after every Chapter. This Course will Cover All the Syllabus In 6 months. Videos will be uploaded on weekly basis.

Course Content

Firm and overview of corporate finance - 15 %

Nature of Firm and Significance of Finance Relevance of Corporate Finance

Valuation of financial assets - 30 %

Cash Flows and the Time Value of Money
Valuation of Bonds
Valuation of Shares

Investment appraisal - 15 %

Investment Appraisal Techniques
Specific Investment Appraisal Scenarios
International Investment Appraisal

Capital structure and financing - 25 %

The Cost of Capital
Capital Structure
Debt Financing
Equity Finance
Mergers and Acquisitions
Short Term Financial Strategy

Risk management and uncertainty - 15 %

Risks and Risk Management
Managing Foreign Exchange Risk
Managing Interest Rate Risk


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